"Last Picts is full of wonderful surprises........... a new experience on every track................. traditional music for the 21st century listener."

"In a word...masterful!  The instrumentation was superb ... not sure how many musical styles and time signatures
 I was able to identify ... but I was blown away by the variety.  This was an impressive work"

"Been listening to more of your CD ... you must be the George Martin of "Celtic Fusion". You're giving my car speakers a workout. "

"I especially enjoyed the arrangements on the instrumental's like traditional music for people who don't particularly like traditional music (like me)!"

"I had a chance to listen to it the other day and enjoyed it.  You were certainly pushing some boundaries ......"

"Even the lay man who doesn’t know the background of this album will embrace it.  Once again, you put a new dimension, angle, twist on something old and made it your own." 

"I’m struck not only by the beautiful playing and singing, but also by the production, and extensive amount of music you managed to fit on that disc!!"

" Wow!  That is an amazing mix of sounds.  We are really enjoying it and every time we hear it, we discover more aural treats."

"Your CD is substantially different.  It saturated my aural senses.  Much like going into a greenhouse ... the fragrances overlap, they combine,
some remain individual, but the experience is awesome.  How you put all your different fragrances together, I don’t know.  But it was sensual. 
You’ve accomplished something ... amazing."

"... great tunes with neat, intricate arrangements."

"I loved the variety of music and styles - the infectious rhythms ..."