Heirloom released a total of five CDs during its nine years.  The band included members Marcia & Monte Jones and Betty, Christina and Randy Andropolis.  Heirloom performed and recorded traditional music of Scotland, Ireland & Wales, as well as that of other "Celtic" nations and persuasions.  Its career was capped by a short tour 2000 tour of Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, partially sponsored by the BBC.  In its season, Heirloom shared the stage with many of the biggest names in the Genre.    Click here for a list of Heirloom's Venues.

Road to the Isles was Heirloom's premier CD, released in 1998.  The selections include:

Fairy Dance Set, Carter Bar, Hewlett,
Braes o'er the Banks, Cuckoo's Spring Song, Stumpie, Wee Drappie O't, Dawning of Day Set, Cliffs of Dooneen, Huntly's Highland Fling, Old Maids & the Dusty Miller, Road to the Isles, Kilecrankie, Humours of Tuaimgreine Set and Just a Little While Longer.
There was also a bonus track entitled Farewell, performed live in the studio.

Carter Bar and Just a Little While Longer are original songs by Randy Andropolis

Sound samples from Road to the Isles:


Heirloom had performed together for several years before solidifying into a traditional "Celtic" unit.  Its second recording, Winter Tales, reflected its previous incarnation as a Medieval/Christmas ensemble.  Released in 1999, the album contains 16 selections:

The Merry Making, Evergreen Lasses,
Domnall/The Frost is All Over, Da Caald Nights O Winter, The Snowstorm, Apples in Winter, On Christmas Eve/The Holly Tree, Christmas Day Ida Mornin', Cold Frosty Mornin', Christmas Hornpipe, The Christmas Set, Seven Light Nights/Bishop of Bangor, The Winter's Tale, New Year's Day/I Wish You a Merry New Year, Sleep Soond Ida Mornin'/Duns Dings, & When the Snow and the Frost are all Over.

WT mock CD cover.jpg

On 2000's CeltiCorners, Heirloom included music from other "Celtic" cultures.  Tunes from the Isle of Man, Galicia, Brittany, Cornwall and Northumbria appear in the playlist:

Lord McDonald's Reel, Hills of Dundalk, Manx Medley, Fairy's Love Song, Lady Hay's Scotch Measure, Leezie Lindsay, The High Level Set, End of the Quay Set, Flowers of the Heath, Cornish Marches, Good Bit O' Craic, Breton Gavottes, Danza Das Burgas, Erin Go Bragh & The Drowsy Banshee Set. 
The hidden Bonus Track is Haste to the Wedding.

Hills of Dundalk and Good Bit O' Craic are original songs by Randy Andropolis.  The Drowsy Banshee Set also appears as the opener on the Bethlehem Celtic Classics volume one.


Two years later, in 2002, Heirloom undertook a different kind of project. It underscored a beautiful recitation of Robert Burn's Tam 'O Shanter by Sheila Campbell Sweet, a dear friend from the Edinboro Highland Games.

There are only five tunes on the CD, which appear both as underscore to the poem and separately as musical selections:

Gaelic Air, The Kirn, The Weapon Shaw/Sanders Brane, Devil in the Kitchen and Merry Night at Tumble Brig.


Heirloom's final effort appeared in December, 2003.  Self-titled "Heirloom" contains many tunes and songs that were part of the band's stage repertoire that hadn't made it to recording previously.  The fourteen tracks are:

Rising of the Lark Set, Uist Tramping Song, Argeers/Pant Yr Corlan, Mingulay Boat Song, Lowlands & Heather, Flowers of Edinburgh, Lovely Leitrim, Battle of Augrhim, Flower of Sweet Strabane, Rakes & Kings Set, Fairest Gwen, Jenny Dang the Weaver, The Wyly Ladde and White Cockade/Miss McLeod's.