Randy and Christina Andropolis also contributed to several other recordings immediately after Heirloom's tenure.  These include Sticky Wicket's 2004 recording 'Unglued', featuring Keith Jones and Terry Dean; The Music School of Niagara's 'Christmas Sampler' in 2007; and Terry Dean's 'Home Town Folk' in 2008.  Sean Taylor pulled together Terry's Home Town Folk CD at his home in Northumberland.  Elena (Andropolis) Bohannon also appears on Christmas Sampler and Home Town Folk.  She was also lead vocalist for 'Drive the Cold Winter Away', a recording which can be located and heard under the 'More' tab for this website.  All three recordings were remixed and mastered by Dave St. Onge of Digital Barn Studio.

Randy was also delighted to provide some piano tracks for Martin Matthew's CD 'Autumn', released in 2010.  A resident of the UK, Martin was bandleader of the Green Linnet recording group 'Cuig', for which Randy served as road manager in 2002. 'Autumn' was also contributed to and produced by mutual friend and former bassist for 'Cuig' and 'Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies', Mr. Sean Taylor.   Read a synopsis and review here:  https://thesession.org/recordings/4178.

Sticky Wicket