The North Star Festival was first held in 2015 in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Cultural Arts Organization Bravo Niagara, led Christine Mori and Alexis Spieldenner held the event at several venues in the area.  It's purpose was to commemorate Canada's role in the Underground Railroad and early support of Black refugees from the Slave States.  It was a UNESCO supported event.

Randy Andropolis gave a one hour presentation entitled 'The Rich Legacy of Black Heritage in American Music', which included spirituals and other songs sung by Doctoral student Kary Dobbs.

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Subsequent to the presentation, the recorded music from it was used in the soundtrack to Ayodele Adewumi's film 'Wilma' about Niagara Falls, Ont. Black Historian and Preservationist Wilma Morrison. The film premiered on November 26, 2016 at the Niagara Falls Museum.  Mr. Adewumi is director of the museum.

Feedback from the North Star Festival presentation was enormously positive. Kary and Randy were initially asked to reprise their presentation at two venues during the Festival's return in 2017.